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Fisherman's Delight, 1 pound of fishing size European red worms Eisenia Hortensis


about 250-300 large European red worms,Eisenia Hortensis, saves money. 

These are the Best composting and Bait worm on the market, no refrigeration needed. 

These are not the type you dig up, these are domesticated and will stay in your compost as long as you feed and water them.

 Eisenia Hortensis

Cant go wrong with this worm!!

Easy to raise

Grows up to 6" in length 

Heat and Cold Resistant

Breeds very quickly (doubles every 3 months)

Perfect fit for your compost bin or pile

Great for Lawn or Garden Soil Aeration and Fertilization

And as a plus makes Excellent fish bait


A note about shipping, when your worms arrive, they will need a day or two to readjust, shipping puts allot of stress on worms, and we don't ship with allot of water. I always ship over count worms, but when they arrive from a long trip they need a day or so to get re-energized.


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