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500 African Night Crawlers/Super Reds-Eudrilus Eugeniae 4-5 inchs


African Nightcrawler worms range in size from 4 - 8 inches long.

They are gaining in popularity for composting and have been a favorite with fishermen for many years. These worms are also known as Super Reds, Japanese Tigers, or California Super Reds.

African Nightcrawler earthworms are excellent vermicomposting worms. While gaining in popularity in the United States for use in vermicomposting, they've been very popular in the Phillipines and other nations for many years.

They can be a little higher maintenance than other types of worms, but proper monitoring of the conditions in your worm bin can reduce the chances of problems. African Nightcrawlers are an important worm for home composting of leaves, cardboard, and paper.

These are the super worm,

4-6 inch's and 6-8 streached out

great for fishing and supurb for composting

A super composter 

no refrigeration needed,

great for fishing, can get up to 8 inch's long

this is for 500, 4-5 inch Africans

we are one of the only people that have these large worms,


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