Earthworm Wholesaler in Dawsonville Georgia

Redworms, Europeans and Africans,Coir and The Worm Factory, next to the Outlets Mall of North Georgia 30534

Free Vermicomposting course with every purchase, Lifetime support on all product's.

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For The Worm Factory 360, please see it at Our Redworms are Eiesenia Fetida, also see and


Nightcrawlers now on sale,  

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Yes, there is finaly a worm farm in Dawsonville Ga. 30534

We raise and sell red worms for compost and fishing, 706-531-4789 ask for Tim Herron

Coconut Coir

For Coconut Coir and more info. click here.

The Worm Factory 360

A short how to clip by TimNsPXoYXz-so

The Worm Factory 360 on top and Tim Harvesting Worms lower.

Harvesting Worms